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The Ultimate Seasonal Lunchbox
  • The Ultimate Seasonal Lunchbox

    More than 50 lunchbox recipes for the whole family made with seasonal produce. The book also contains food fun facts and curiosities to Inspire fun and bonding in the kitchen. All the Recipes are made by qualified nutritionist and mother Audrey Schaerrer. Read the book review left by a book review expert here.


    A book aimed at both parents and children to read and create healthy food together.

    Like many working parents, professional nutritionist and mother Audrey Schaerrer found that at times cooking dinner to be a dreaded chore between battling long working hours, homework and bedtimes. Not to mention finding time for quality time.



    One day she asked her daughter Sophia, 11, to help her cook dinner and it became a game. Sophia would read facts whilst her mother prepared a meal. What had been a chore became a special bonding time that Audrey looked forward to.


    Audrey began to experiment, moving from cooking dinner together to creating a delicious, healthy and nutritionally balanced packed lunch with the left - overs from the night before, which her daughter loved. In a way extending the bonding connection and good memories of the evening to school and office lunch times.


    Effected herself from childhood bullying around her weight, Audrey felt passionately that by cooking with our children and talking to them about food will help to instill healthy relationships with food and our bodies in a society where toxic narratives with both are still prevalent.


    The Ultimate Seasonal Lunchbox includes more than 50 fun, healthy and delicious lunchbox recipes. This is the first publication in a series of four, each characterised by a particular season. The present publication is inspired by autumn. Winter, spring, and summer will be following. Some recipes in this book include Japanese-style autumn noodles, mushroom pie, as well as chickpea and sweet potato patties.


    All the recipes make a complete balanced and nutritious meal to enjoy at dinner time or packed for lunch in a portable box.


    About the author


    Audrey Schaerrer attended the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) in Indianapolis,

    United States of America, and qualified in Fitness Management, Nutritional Therapy and Science

    of Exercise. She has been practicing as a nutritional therapist and food specialist in Europe for over

    twenty years. Audrey is a mother to an 11-year-old girl.


    Audrey’s mission is to help busy parents and individuals lead a healthier lifestyle with fuss-free, varied, delicious meal plans and products, to introduce delicious foods that enhance physical and mental health, as well as general wellbeing, and to help clients look after their health naturally, lowering cholesterol, controlling blood pressure, and properly tackling functional gastrointestinal disorders by means of a naturally healthier lifestyle.


    Audrey’s view is that, like medicine, food can help avoid many illnesses in adults and children including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, Cancer and heart-related illnesses.


    Her core belief in raising children through example has driven her to write this book and create an online nutrition platform which is accessible to all persons who wish to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

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