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Tips For Returning To Your Healthy Routine After Summer Vacation

Summer is coming to a close which means for most, it’s back to the “rise and grind” routine. Whether you’re a parent whose kids are going back to school or you’re returning to work after a fun vacation (or both!), we know going back to your routine isn’t always the smoothest process.

Between getting back to the right sleep schedule to catching up on what you missed, we know coming back can be overwhelming. Below, you’ll find some great tips to ease the stress of jumping back into your routine!


Ease back into the routine

A gradual shift is the key to making the transition to your regular routine the smoothest possible. By slowly adjusting your family’s current internal rhythm a few weeks before school starts, it’ll be easier to pick your regular routine back up. We suggest gradually moving bedtime earlier to make waking up in the morning easier and slowly phasing in parts of the regular routine before classes start to re-establish them ahead of time.

Daily Planner to the rescue

As school starts, it might be hard to adjust to the hectic schedule and stay on top of all the activities. We suggest implementing the use of a daily family planner to keep your family’s schedule and goals on track. Include class schedules, family plans, and reminders to help you be organized when the school year commences and all be on the same page.


The power of a buffer day

If possible, allow yourself a buffer day before going back to work after a vacation. In doing so, you’d be giving yourself space and time to readjust to your normal schedule with no pressure. Use this day to adjust from the jet-lag or to catch up on certain tasks such as doing laundry or buying groceries. While not a glamorous or fun use of a free day, it will make your return to work much smoother and less stressful.

Clean & Prioritize Your Workspace

Opening your email when you come back from a vacation can be daunting. We suggest to strategize and resist the urge to tackle all unread emails at once. Identify and respond to the most urgent ones and review the oldest ones to be fully updated on issues settled when you were away. It’s also important to apply this to your work calendar. We recommend checking your work calendar the day before you return so you are not surprised by meetings that have snuck up on you. If there are meetings the day you return, assess whether you can attend them with minimal preparation or check if you’re able to postpone them to prepare better and contribute in a more meaningful way

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